Driving Test Info

Gene’s School of Motoring will give you expert instruction on all aspects of the driving test including:

  • The 8 questions on the rules of the road (question and answer sheet provided)
  • The 10 road signs (sign sheet provided)
  • All driving test routes in Dungarvan covered
  • Under bonnet checks (oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc)
  • Secondary controls
  • A full explanation of the marking system used by RSA testers

Checklist for driving test:

  • A valid permit (not out of date)
  • Motor tax disc
  • Insurance disc
  • NCT disc if required, (cars over 4 years old) VRT if commercial
  • No warning lights on dash
  • Bulb test on brake and indicators
  • Tyres must have at least 1.6 of tread
  • The car should be clean and road worthy

Getting Started:

  • First you need to pass the theory test, then you can apply for your first driving permit
  • Once you have your permit you may start your EDT (Essential Driver Training)
  • EDT consists of 12 mandatory driving lessons with an approved driving instructor ADI
  • You must have your permit for 6 months and all your EDT lessons completed before you can do your test.

Relevant Government Departments: